Google drive gets an update

Google Drive supported on PC, tablet and mobile

Google Drive is the web storage service offer to users for free by Google and was introduced in 2012. The web service allows users to edit, share and store many types of documents, including those created using Google Docs (direct competitor of Microsoft Office).   Google Drive can be used in both web directly via your browser at, or by … [Read more...]

10 Awesome BUT Extinct iPhone Apps #iHateApple

iphone smartphone

Here are some reasons to hate apple even more - their tyrranical control over apps. This list is from Time's Techland section. [Source: and@OneJaredNewman] iTether - Hmm pay $15 once, or $20-30 monthly for tethering..I'd choose the $15 once.. - Dead thanks to Apple. Jailbreak Alternatives: MiWi & PDANet iDOS - This is a full DOS emulator for … [Read more...]

Good News For LG Smartphone Owners Running Android

lg-bl40 chocolate l smartphone

Sometimes you get a breather in the rat race and LG has hooked up a sweet little deal with a company named "Box". The deal is that LG smartphone users that run Android on their smartphone will get 50 gigabytes of free space to put their files. That sure beats one of those $40 dollar MicroSD cards. Box Offers The Same Service As DropBox, But Bigger LG has started up a deal … [Read more...]