10 Awesome BUT Extinct iPhone Apps #iHateApple

Here are some reasons to hate apple even more – their tyrranical control over apps.

This list is from Time’s Techland section. [Source: Techland.Time.com and@OneJaredNewman]

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iTether – Hmm pay $15 once, or $20-30 monthly for tethering..I’d choose the $15 once.. – Dead thanks to Apple. Jailbreak Alternatives: MiWi & PDANet

  1. iDOS – This is a full DOS emulator for iOS. It cost $1 and allowed people to load Windows 3.1 and lots of classic computer games on both iPhones and iPads. This was shut down because it ran unsigned code. — Jailbreak Alternatives: DOSPad
  2. Nescaline – an 8 bit Nintendo fan’s dream come true. Alas this was shut down for being an emulator allowing for some copyright violations, though some emulators are still allowed like C64. – Jailbreak Alternatives: NES available via Cydia.
  3. Print to PDF – Originally a $4 app arriving to the App Store in August of 2011. This app let users print web pages, photos, and emails to PDF documents.
    Apparently apple did not like the developers using AirPrint to print docs as PDF files and it was yanked. Jailbreak Alternatives: TruPrint.
  4. iControlBits – This is a bitTorrent tool to control one’s Transmission(a BitTorrent client for Mac) remotely. This app let people add new files, pause existing downloads, etc.. Apparently closed simply for having anything at all to do with Torrents. – Jailbreak Alternatives: iControlBits is still available for download.
  5. Any Music Downloader – Does what the name says, it let users play and download MP3 files from around the Web. Users could download those files directly from their iPhone to their PCs, this was stomped out obviously for it’s copyright infringement capabilities, and for taking business away from iTunes. – Jailbreak Alternatives : MusicMeow is pretty close.
  6. aMusic – a native app for Amazon’s Cloud Player that launched in October 2011. This gave users 5 GB of free storage, and the ability to stream songs instead of downloading. It was taken down when Amazon requested they pull the app because of “legal issues with the music industry” see a Mashable post about this. Jailbreak Alternatives: Nada, but a $2 gMusic app can access Google’s similar service and it’s not a Jailbreak app.
  7. VLC is a free media player supporting many different file types that the built in iPhone media player doesn’t including: AVI, MPG, MKV, etc.. This free app was based off the desktop app of the same name. The App was in violation of VLC’s open source licensing agreement because of the digital rights management of the App Store, so a developer of the Desktop version asked Apple to remove the app. – Jailbreak Alternatives: jailbreak-vlc-ios-cydia.
  8. Phone Story – this is an informational app that was critical of tech companies, and consumer culture. Apple pulled it because of it’s depiction of child abuse from tech companies. – Jailbreak Alternatives: None, but it is available on Android.
  9. Siri – This was removed from the app store due to it being an exclusive feature of the new iPhone 4S. Jailbreak Alternatives : Some hackers have been able to run it on older phones, but so far there aren’t any howtos.

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