Now you can filter bad bots in Google Analytics

Exclude all hits from known bots and spiders

Google has recently announced a new feature with Google Analytics that gives site owners the ability to filter bot and spider visitors from showing up in your site visitor data. It has created a bit of confusion, so we thought would we try to make think clearer. Google Analytics is a web based analytics service that is based on a javascript library and on using cookies … [Read more...]

Google drive gets an update

Google Drive supported on PC, tablet and mobile

Google Drive is the web storage service offer to users for free by Google and was introduced in 2012. The web service allows users to edit, share and store many types of documents, including those created using Google Docs (direct competitor of Microsoft Office).   Google Drive can be used in both web directly via your browser at, or by … [Read more...]

How does Google handle anchor text these days?

internal linking map

The following SEO experiment was run by an Austrian based SEO. They tried to find out how external and internal links are treated and whether Google is now able to recognize advertorials without nofollow tag added to them. The results are quite surprising. What was tested? Two external links on a page with the same link target and varying Anchor Text Two internal links … [Read more...]

How to reduce traffic loss when migrating a site or with a domain change

Pingdom site speed tool

In this post we will try to highlight the various aspects and types of possible site migrations. These points are to be kept in mind when migrating a site or carrying a domain name migration. Why migrate and not start again. We'll explain why you should migrate and do not need to start over with a new domain or simply a newsite. What to migrate? site migration is often an … [Read more...]